If you check us out, one of the first things you’ll realize is that Sunbelt Media a small company.
That can be both good and bad.
The Good part about working with a small company:
• At every step in the process you’ll be working with a knowledgeable, dedicated media professional. Your work won’t get handed off to an inexperienced assistant.

• When you call, the phone will be answered or your call will be returned by a principal in the company.

• When your media plan is developed, it will be conceived by a Media Director with at least 20-years experience.

• When it’s time for your plan to be implemented, the rates and value added (no-charge) elements of the buy will be negotiated by a Senior Buyer.
The Bad part about working with a small company:
• We don’t have a fancy conference room so we’ll have to meet at your office or some 3rd party location.

• We don’t have a lot of recent college graduates roaming the halls waiting for work to be passed off to them. (We don’t even have halls for them to roam in.)

• And when we go on vacation, it may take an extra half a day for us to get back to you
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